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Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT - World Peace University

MIT – WPU (previously known as MIT, Pune)  is among the best private universities in India offering courses in Engineering, Management, Governance, Law, Economics, Liberal Arts, Science, and Journalism. 

With the sole objective of meeting the long felt need for a centre of scientific and educational research, which would meet the challenges of the present and the future , MIT Group of Institutions was established as a society and charitable trust. Since then, the MIT Group of Institutions has grown exponentially and has made a strong impact in the field of education throughout the country. Today, the MIT Group provides education in the fields of Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Marine Engineering, Insurance, Distance Education, Telecom Management, Lighting, Design, Food & Technology, Retail Management, Masters in Business Administration, School of Government and School Education.


Motivated about research that has an positive impact on our society. Strongly believe that the research conducted has to be useful in our day-to-day lives.

Computer Vision

Worked on various computer vision projects with real world applications. This increases our ability to communicate with the machine thus, solving complex problems.

Bone Densitometry

Developing a hand-held device for measuring bone density. It will facilitate easy and fast bone density measurements especially for rural areas which lack in expertise as well as technology available to them.

Cubesat Development

Core member of MIT-WPU Nanosatellite team, heading the onboard processor subsystem. The small size of satellite and its working environment being outside earth makes the project interesting.     

"Play is the highest form of Research" - Albert Einstein

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